An estimated 882,000, or 30%, of adults in Chicago have low basic literacy skills and would benefit from adult literacy and/or adult basic education services.

39% of Chicago’s public school students do not meet or exceed reading standards.

61% of low-income households do not own any children’s books.

Statistics courtesy of Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition, Chicago Public Schools, and Children’s Literacy Foundation.

Low literacy affects entire communities, and Chicago is no exception.

From reading an early picture book all the way through acquiring essential computer and communications technology skills, literacy is the key to a successful and independent life, and to a vibrant and sustainable city.

The Chicago Literacy Alliance was formed with a collective passion to help people of all ages and backgrounds receive the critical literacy support they need, from basic education and tutoring through enrichment, literary arts, and book distribution.

Working together, we envision a future in which 100% of Chicagoland residents are functionally literate, and in which that shared literacy is a defining characteristic and point of pride for the city.