This fall,  Chicago Literacy Alliance will host DECODE: a virtual conference for educators, literacy professionals, engaged philanthropists, and civic decision-makers. Through digital interactive panel discussions, access to field experts, and sharing of vital resources, we will:

    • Break down the complex barriers to literacy acquisition
    • Strategize literacy-based solutions to urgent social challenges
    • Analyze the literacy landscape to inform decisions and action

In light of the unpredictable nature of social gatherings through the summer and early fall, the CLA has decided to move DECODE to a primarily virtual setting and reduce the number of available sessions. As such, we will not be holding a formal session proposal process and instead will be inviting field experts to host a select number of virtual sessions.

2020 THEME:

Literacy and the Promise of Life and Liberty

How do the tools of literacy empower us to engage in and contribute to our community, political life, and democracy in Chicago? How does that change during a global health and economic crisis?

Day 1: Special Keynote VIP dinner and roundtable discussion with Idris Goodwin and Kevin Coval

Day 2: Digital Interactive Panels and Virtual Networking Opportunities


Click here to find out more about DECODE 2020.