Burst Into Books is a leveled reading organization that is geared towards children from ages 6 months to 13 years old. Our mission is to help children develop a love for literature through reading circles, book clubs, writing workshops, online workshops, educational services and family centered events. Burst Into Books is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on helping the youth deepen their love of reading by integrating the arts, providing opportunities for them to engage with those connected to the literacy field, and providing a space for them to express themselves.

The Center for College Access and Success creates support systems for first-generation students to make their dream of a college education a reality. Our programs are collaborative partnerships that bring the school community together with universities, arts and cultural organizations, and businesses. Programs are enhanced through this interaction. As an academic educational center of Northeastern Illinois University, we are in a unique position to respond to the needs of the communities we serve.


At ForAllSystems, we strive to design and develop software that empowers and connects all of the members of the communities of teaching and learning we serve.

NewsGuard deploys journalism to fight misinformation and spread news literacy. Our trained journalists research and review news websites to give people more context for their news, helping them know which websites are trying to do legitimate journalism—and which aren’t.

Redwood Literacy

Redwood Literacy is committed to offering research-based reading, writing and math intervention for individuals with dyslexia, dysgraphia or dyscalculia at an accessible price point for people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. With a unique small-group setting that capitalizes on the positive social dynamic of collaborative learning, Redwood Literacy is able to offer rates that are up to 50% less than competitors while still providing high-quality, individualized instruction.