Chinese Mutual Aid Association (CMAA) is a community-based 501(c)3 social services agency that serves low-income immigrants, refugees, people from all socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds, all generations from youth to seniors, and people of all abilities.

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Classroom, Inc. is an innovative, non-profit edtech transforming the lives of students by growing their literacy and life skills through technology. In our free digital learning games, students take charge in a real-world workplace and must overcome challenges through reading, writing, and problem-solving. Our curriculum and digital support tools ensure that both educators and students have a fun and empowering learning experience.

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rowdED Learning is a charitable organization dedicated to raising the impact of adult education and workforce development through crowdsourcing our collective knowledge and expertise. By curating the most effective content and resources available, we aim to reduce adult learners’ barriers to education and employment while promoting persistence and lifelong learning in the digital age.

CSC Consulting Group

CSC Consulting Group believes education is a key lever for social progress. Therefore, our mission is to support people, improve processes, and enhance the performance of the organizations that make up the learner ecosystem.

Designers for Learning provides educational resources and service-learning experiences designed to promote literacy.