Changing Worlds

Changing Worlds’ mission is to foster inclusive communities of learners through oral history, writing and art programs that affirm their identity and shared experience to enhance cross-cultural understanding. Our signature program, Arts, Cultural and Literacy Connections, cultivates students’ self-expression through writing and their creation of original work of art, drama or dance  with the support of our discipline specific consultants who make a total of 15 visits per classroom .

Chicago Books to Women in Prison

Chicago Books to Women in Prison is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We provide a critical intervention into an oppressive system that gives incarcerated people little or no access to books. By sending books free of charge to incarcerated women nationwide, we offer the opportunity for self-empowerment, education, and entertainment that reading provides.

Currently, we send books to women in state prisons in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Ohio, as well as all Federal prisons and Cook County Jail. In 2016 we mailed 3,901 packages of books and blank journals to women in prison around the country—9,700 or so books in all and 591 blank journals.

Chicago Cares

Chicago Cares is a local nonprofit organization that builds volunteer experiences that mobilize and inspire people to make Chicago a stronger community.

Chicago Children’s Museum

Chicago Children’s Museum’s mission is to improve children’s lives by creating a community where play and learning connect. Chicago Children’s Museum is a place where families and caregivers with infants and children are encouraged to create, explore, and discover together through play. The museum features three vibrant floors of exhibits and activities that provide sensory experiences and engaging educational content focusing on literacy, science, math, visual and performing arts, and health

Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition

The Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition helps Chicago’s adult education organizations secure resources and training so that underserved adult learners can become economically successful.