Goodman Theatre

Goodman Theatre seeks to be the premier cultural institution in Chicago through the unsurpassed quality, range and diversity of its productions and programs and through its commitment to improving the quality of life in the community.

chicago literacy alliance - iachieve learning-education-reading-literacy

Here at iAchieve Learning we are dedicated to provide a customized high quality learning experience for students of all ages and grade levels to help them reach their highest potential in both academics and music. Our goal is to work with both the student and family to identify and strengthen any weaknesses or gaps in learning. We also aim to create a flexible schedule that fits both the student’s and families busy schedules. We highly value quality education and want to create a fun and positive learning environment for the student.

Ingenuity Inc.

Ingenuity’s mission is to leverage the vibrant communities, rich knowledge and significant resources of Chicago to ensure the arts are a critical component of every public school student’s education.

Innovare recognizes that despite overall social progress, educational disparities, especially in literacy and math achievement, continue to grow. Therefore, their mission is to drive social innovation to achieve educational equity.

iSpeakMedia is an evolving series of programs designed to bring media literacy deeper into the communities that need it most. Programs include: Project I AM…, The Role Model Project, The Power Factor, Moms for Media Literacy, Dads for Media Literacy, Athletes for Media Literacy, and Futures.