Since the Chicago Literacy Alliance launched in 2012, our focus has been to support Chicago’s literacy and education organizations through capacity building, alignment, and advocacy.

In 2021 and beyond, we will continue building on these foundational strategies, and significantly expand our efforts around alignment and advocacy. While capacity building empowers our members and forges bonds of trust and collaboration in the literacy sector, alignment and advocacy create coordination and cohesion for increased, community-wide impact.

Literacy is a tool for liberation, and to wield the power of literacy, it must be equitably accessible to all. Understanding that, the CLA is committed to building deep community relationships, utilizing data-driven research, and forging new models for systemic change to ultimately reach our shared vision of a 100% literate Chicago.

The Equity Through Literacy Framework is a research-based, equity-focused theory of change that connects greater literacy to positive social outcomes. Developed by the CLA, this framework demonstrates literacy’s connection to access, equity, engagement, civic fluency, and ultimately community progress. Check out the framework below.



For questions or inquiries, contact Annie Rezac, CLA Director of Strategic Initiatives: