A note about the Literacenter: 

The Literacenter, the Chicago Literacy Alliance’s coworking space, has served as a physical hub for the CLA to drive progress, and for our member community to carry out literacy work across Chicago. Regretfully, the pandemic has had a significant impact on the overall fiscal health of the CLA, and we have reached the difficult conclusion that we cannot sustain the Literacenter as a space offering. To move our critical work forward, we will work on an acceptable resolution with our landlord and others to transition from the space in the next nine months, and focus our efforts on non-space-based programming.

As we make this transition, we will adjust our available resources accordingly, and we ask that you continue supporting the CLA, as our shared vision of a 100% literate Chicago drives urgent and critical work. We are focused on finding sustainable solutions to continue working with members and Chicago community stakeholders. The next six months will be a test of this organization’s agility and resilience, and we are confident in our network’s strength and determination to prevail at this important time for all of Chicago’s learners.

We believe in the power of collaboration, and the Literacenter has served us well and increased the capacity of this network. This transition provides us with a moment for gratitude for the work the Literacenter has done in accelerating the pace and quality of collaboration and increasing our collective impact in serving Chicago’s communities. We’re grateful for the relationships we’ve formed here, and look forward to growing them in new contexts.

The vital work we have undertaken over the last year and a half through the Equity Through Literacy Framework and the Literacy Equity Initiative (LEI) has bolstered our capacity building, alignment, and advocacy strategies with our membership. Our focus, with a new, more virtual CLA will be on core programs that create collaborative and collective impact – specifically, our member portal, Confabs, professional learning, and the LEI.

Yours Sincerely,
Ken Bigger
Executive Director