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When we talk about generational wealth gaps, job insecurity, barriers to health care, lack of housing, and community violence, literacy plays a role in both the problems and how to fix them – but it’s often overlooked as an essential part of the solution.  Read more

African American Vernacular: Put Some Respect On Our Language

Tuyeni Akanke Smith, M.Ed.
March 3, 2021

Literacy is a word we often use, but do we understand the depth of its application in our nation? Understanding that depth would require the literacy mindset of the United States of America to accept that every culture on the planet has an intelligent language. Read more

Even during a pandemic, literacy remains important. In fact, I wonder if what Dr. Theresa Perry described as “freedom for literacy and literacy for freedom” in relation to African Americans’ pursuit of literacy since, well, forever, rings more important during this momentRead more

As those of us in the field know, low literacy has devastating consequences for tens of millions of people, in terms of health and well-being, the ability to earn family-sustaining wages and support their children’s success in school. But to what extent? Here’s the full story, beyond the statistics. Read more