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At the CLA, we believe that literacy can be a powerful tool – but it has to be equitably accessible to all.

With that in mind, the CLA is committed to building deep community relationships, utilizing data-driven research, and forging new models for systemic change to ultimately reach our shared vision of a 100% literate Chicago. Here are some ways we’re driving those conversations:

Chicago Community Confabs – Virtual dialogue and networking built to create opportunities for authentic connection and a deeper understanding between Alliance members and Chicago communities facing barriers to literacy resources

The Equity Through Literacy Framework – A research-based, equity-focused theory of change to connect greater literacy to positive social outcomes

DECODE – a free, virtual thought-leadership summit exploring how the tools of literacy empower us to engage in and contribute to our community, political life, and democracy in Chicago

Perspectives on Literacy – a platform for thoughts, insights, and stories about literacy from the Chicago Literacy Alliance, our collaborators, and the literacy community at large

Beyond Words – a quarterly CLA newsletter sharing news from us, the Alliance, and the literacy sector

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Advancing literacy is a team effort – and whether we’re CLA staff, member organizations, board members, volunteers, supporters, or just interested in the field of literacy, we’re all in this together.

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